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GigE Ethernet quotes are determined by several factors including the distance from the business location (where the circuit terminates) and the telecom provider’s central office or CO (where the circuit originates). Other factors are the number of different telecom providers that serve the business location. If there are several providers for a single location, pricing will be more competitive compared to a location that is served by only one or two providers. Availability of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) is determined by the distance between the business location and a fiber-fed telecom CO.  

A full GigE Ethernet circuit supplies 1000 mbps (1 gigabit) of bandwidth. Businesses that have grown beyond a full DS3 circuit (45 mbps) or OC3 circuit (155 mbps) may want to research the availability of fractional GigE, burstable GigE or full GigE Ethernet for their location. Burstable GigE is provided in speeds of 100 mbps up to a full GigE at 1000 mbps. Burstable GigE allows a business to commit to paying for a lower monthly bandwidth while having access to the full 1000 mbps for use during periods of increased network traffic. This option can be more cost effective because the business only pays extra for the amount of additional bandwidth used above the monthly commitment. In other words, this customer can have access to full GigE but pay only for the bandwidth they actually use.  

Colocation facilities or buildings that are”lit” with fiber are ideal locations to receive Gigabit Ethernet, or if your building is not “lit”, fiber can often be laid or “built out” to your building. Build out is often expensive, but sometimes the provider will waive the build out cost to obtain a promising new customer.  

GigE Ethernet can facilitate many types of circuits including internet, voice, MPLS networks and point-to-point. Applications that can be facilitated by a GigE Ethernet circuit include (but are not limited to): web hosting, video conferencing, VoIP, and data or video streaming.  

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